Alliance asks back two players it lent to the Seleção

Selecta’s assistant coach explained that there was already a prior agreement between Fesfut and the Primeiras Clubes. Instead of Mario González, Óscar Pleitez would

Alianza has received the call-up of four of its players to the National Team, which is preparing for the friendlies against Guatemala and Panama. The loan follows an agreement between the Salvadoran Football Federation (Fesfut) and the First Division (the clubs).

The first friendly will be on the 24th of April, and the coaching staff includes the four Alianza members who were called up, the undisputed goalkeeper Mario González, the defender Bryan Tamacas and the moorings Narciso Orella and Isaac Portillo.

However, after lending them, it has now emerged that he is requesting the return of two of them, a situation similar to what happened recently, when he had several casualties and requested the return of some of his elements that were precisely with the Selection.

In this regard, the assistant coach of Azul e Branco, William Renderos Iraheta, was approached about the matter and he commented: «Yes there is knowledge (of the Alliance’s request), the only thing that was also known was that there was an agreement between teams, presidents and federation, so they will have to define it themselves; We (coordinators) have the four Alianza players until we know otherwise.

Specifically, the names of the two players that Alianza asked to return were not mentioned, but it turned out that one of them was goalkeeper Mario González. According to YSKL radio, substitute Óscar Pleitez, Isidro Metapán’s goalkeeper, is already there.

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He also referred to the dismissal of Roberto Domínguez and the election of his replacement. “Roberto Domínguez had an ultrasound and it went wrong. Immediately several names were seen and, well, Rudy Clavel was chosen, so he will be with us this week and in the games against Guatemala and Panama».

However, Clavel, from Club Deportivo FAS, did not make the call-up, and in his place was named Julio Sibrián, from 11 Deportivo, who had already been called up in the past.

«We are already getting back on track, I hope that everything continues as it is today, always working to prepare well and be able to maintain the pace we had, the transitions, the attack, we will always continue to work on that to continue with the process. As it is not a FIFA date, this prevents us from having the whole team, the whole group, but we call in some who want to see, who want to show themselves, to see what possibilities they already have in official games”, said Iraheta. said, who announced that no further changes are expected in the call-up for these two friendlies, except for reasons of force majeure. “I could change if there was an injury, first God no, otherwise this group will play both games,” he explained.

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