América de Cali NEWS: Mateo Ortiz will return to play for Guimarães

the return of Alexandre Guimarães to the discipline of América de Cali It went down very well among a large part of the crowd, but did not have the best results in the duels he led.

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And is that one of the ‘obstacles’ faced by Brazilians is the numerous appearances by football players in the medical departmentwith the exception that there are players who are resuming activity on the courts.

So the midfielder Javier Mateo Ortiz He recovered from the injury suffered and is already playing football with the “scarlet” squad, and his return is not undone.

Thus, the man from Cúcuta showed his emotion in the microphones of Radio RCN, when giving a dialogue to the ‘Supercombo del Deporte’, where he expressed his expectations in view of his promising return to official games.

“I got hurt after Juan Carlos Osorio made the decision not to count on me”said the player at first, remembering that he was “erased” by Risaraldense.

Furthermore, he revealed that “Alexandre Guimarães has been talking to me a lot, he has asked me about my characteristics and there is more dialogue”because he is in full physical condition.

Now, in terms of the position he could occupy on the field, he stated that he doesn’t just play as a midfielder, because “I could play as a winger too”.

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It must be remembered that the American image will visit Jaguares next Sunday, April 24 to date 17 of the Betplay League, being one of their last chances to access home runs in the semifinals.

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