Atlas News: Diego Cocca and his Atlas: “It’s a short team and despite everything we are fourth”

Diego Cocca and Atlas are not having their best football moment among absences due to injuries, expulsions or casualties, and despite this they are in fourth place overall in Clausura 2022, which the coach highlights, as he ensures that they fight him like anyone else.

the red and black drew goalless with Monterrey as visitors, a game in which Camilo Vargas saved a penalty.

“It’s a short team and despite everything we are in fourth place and fighting toe to toe with anyone. From the beginning we knew that we were coming to a very difficult court with a high-ranking rival. We with multiple casualties. About Khiones, as I say, the physicist. He has a problem in one knee, complicated, You can’t help much with the knee, but he made a great effort to be able to stay for a while, he’s not in the 100, without a doubt, the same as Aldo Rocha is not in the 100. Julio, we kicked him out, Barbosa still hasn’t we have it, it’s far away.

“So I want to point this out about our team, it’s a short team, a team that kicked a lot of starting 11 to be able to reach a very high level and that this semester we cannot due to the circumstances of injuries, expulsions and many situations. Despite everything, we are in fourth place and I want to highlight that and I will keep that”, highlighted Diego Cocca.

the fox trainer I ended up happy with the distribution of points in the Steel Giant.

“We gave counterattacks to Monterrey, came the penalty that I don’t think it was and I value what the team is still looking for with the players who are. The second half was more balanced, but in the end, the draw was good.”

Photo: Imago 7

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