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Basketball:NBA boss criticizes many star failures during the season

Adam Silver, commissioner of the North American professional basketball league. Photo: Gerry Broome/AP/dpa (Photo: DPA)

Directly from the dpa news channel

NEW YORK (AP) – NBA boss Adam Silver has criticized the basketball stars’ many failures during their season in the North American professional league.

It’s a trend for top professionals “not fully” to participate in games, the 59-year-old New York coach said. In normal years of NBA play, 82 games are played in the regular season alone. Only then do the playoffs begin, in which the championship is at stake. Recently, there have been deviations due to the pandemic.

“I’m not saying I have a great solution here,” Silver said. Injuries are also part of the problem, the commissioner added. Two years ago, the NBA introduced the so-called playin tournament to heighten the tension between the regular season and the playoffs with a mini-qualification. Silver explicitly doesn’t want to rule out that the number of games could be reduced in the coming years.

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