Bishop does 50 soccer push-ups and encourages people to pray for vocations

The Auxiliary Bishop of Przemyśl (Poland), Archbishop Stanislaw Jamrozek, starred in a viral TikTok video in which he does about 50 “push-ups” with a soccer ball and finally invites the faithful to pray the same number of Hail Marys for vocations .

The video begins with the bishop’s words: “I encourage you to pray for vocations. It is very important that we persevere in this prayer, because Jesus says, ‘The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Pray then to the owner of the harvest to send workers to harvest his harvest.’”

“I recommend praying for vocations. I will hit the ball and, as often as possible, say an ‘Hail Mary’ for vocations. I encourage you to do this and here you go,” he told the TikTok audience.

Then, showing off his football skills, Bishop Jamrozek began doing push-ups in his cassock, reaching about 50 repetitions.

“More than 50 have already left, so the entire Rosary must be prayed for vocations,” he said.

In the video, the Bishop is accompanied by the creator of the TikTok channel, Fr. Sebastian Picur, who is vicar in the parish of St. Peter the Apostle and St. John of Dukla, in the city of Krosno.

“We invite you to the Higher Theological Seminary in Przemyśl,” the 34-year-old priest said in the video.

Why does Archbishop Jamrozek know how to play football well?

In the 1980s, Bishop was a football player for Polish clubs Walter Rzeszów, Zelmer Rzeszów and Strumyk Malawa.

Piotr Pietrus, editor-in-chief of EWTN Poland, comments that in his country “football is the favorite sport of seminarians in the Higher Theological Seminaries, so it is not surprising that the bishop plays football well”. “Football championships are held even between seminars,” he assured.

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