Celtics close 17-point deficit against Nets

Despite being 17 points behind, the Boston Celtics managed to secure a good starting position in the NBA playoffs and lead 2-0 against the Brooklyn Nets.

National basketball player Daniel Theis played a big role in the 114:107 with 15 points and, above all, a lot of strong defensive work. In the second home game, after falling behind, the hosts needed to go all the way to the last quarter for their first lead of 94:92, but then they didn’t let the Nets around Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving come back.

Durant struggled with defensive aggression, hitting just four of his 17 field attempts. In the second half, he scored all his points on free throws. The Nets’ best player was still the game’s most successful pitcher with 27 points.

Irving didn’t have a particularly good night either and he also managed just four goals in the game. The Australian-born Muslim briefly left the countryside in the first trimester, returning from the locker room with a banana and more food. Irving fasts during Ramadan, eating only after sunset and before sunrise.

The next two games in the playoff series are now in Brooklyn. Whoever has four wins first advances to the next round.

After a tour de force in Toronto, the Philadelphia 76ers are just one more win away from qualifying for the second round. Against the Raptors, the favorite was saved in overtime without even leading in regulation time.

Just 0.9 seconds before the end of the extra five minutes, Joel Embiid landed a remarkable shot to make it 104-101 for the 76ers, completing his third series win. Isaac Bonga was not used by the Raptors.

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