‘Checho’ Ibarra: “We hated each other with ‘Cuto’ Guadalupe, we wanted to punch each other” – Peruvian Football

Sérgio Ibarrabetter known as ‘El Checho’, is a historic player in Peruvian football, as he is the top scorer in the First Division of national football.

With 275 goals between 1992 and 2014, ‘Checho’ Ibarra stood out in the different Peruvian clubs for which he played for his offensive contribution, which also generated several conflicts with the defenders he faced. One in particular was Luis ‘Cuto’ Guadalupe, whom he referred to in an interview with ‘Tank as Court’ from RPP News.

“The one I always fought with and wanted to punch me out there was ‘Cuto’ Guadalupe. With ‘Cuto’ we hated each other, we hated each other a lot. We saw each other, I entered the court to play against him and I already knew what was coming. He talked a lot, hit you a lot, he didn’t do it to hurt you, but because of his way of playing he hit you with his arms and they didn’t charge him anything”, said the former striker, champion of the 2004 Recopa Sudamericana by Cienciano.

Checho Ibarra vs. Cuto Guadalupe, anecdotes from Peruvian football

‘Checho’ Ibarra told about the various games in which he had as a rival the ‘Cuto Guadalupeuntil having to share the locker room in 2009 with Juan Aurich’s team.

“When I was in midfield, before serving, I would look at him and he would look at me. We were already insulting each other. That’s how we were and we fought, we told each other everything. Until later we were partners with Juan Aurich, in 2009. He is a nice guy”he pointed.

Sérgio Ibarra He converted 275 goals in the First Division of Peruvian football, the last being on November 24, 2013, when he belonged to Sport Huancayo. At that time with 40 years, the ‘Czech‘ faced Real Garcilaso who had as captain the ‘Cuto’ Guadalupewho could not avoid the attacker’s conquest.


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