Chivas News: Carlos Salcido: “Gold in London was important, but I keep the Chivas title”

Pnow many, Gold Medal at the London 2012 Olympic Games is the greatest achievement of Mexican football, however, Carlos Salcido gives greater importance to his last title obtained with Chivas.

in an interview with TUDNthe former Rebao player confessed and declared: “The most awaited, the most dreamed, lifted the cup at 38, for me it was impressive, I hold the title of Chivas, this golden title gave me great pleasure to share with children, I knew they had a lot of talent and smiles for our football, gold for Mexico is important.”

“But personally I always wanted to be champion with Chivas, I dreamed of it as a fan, I don’t know what would have happened if I had retired from football and it wouldn’t have happened.”

“As soon as I lifted the title, a movie popped into my head and I knew it was the end of my career. then I spoke with Almeyda and Jorge Vergara to say goodbye and my career was over, we were playing Concacampeã in the end we became champions and I retired as champion of the Concacampeã, I also spoke with the players,” added Salcido.

Furthermore, who was also a player for PSV in the Netherlands, he highlighted that Matas Almeida was a factor renew your contract: “Three years before My contract with Chivas is ending and they only wanted to renew me every six months, I swore to my wife that I would make Chivas give me a one-year contract, When the Concachampions passed, Gabriel de Anda arrived as president and he didn’t know that I was retiring, I went up to the office with him, and at that moment he offered me a year, the film came to me, I told him ‘let me go’ think about it’, I sign thinking that Matas was still there, on vacation Matas leaves and that’s it.”

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