Cruz Azul news: Juan Reynoso confirms Joaqun Velzquez’s return to Cruz Azul

ANDn Cruz Azul the good news doesn’t stop, because added to the 1-0 victory over Gallos Blancos, the Directive headed by Jaime Ordiales, is already in the final steps to reinstate the assistant, Joaqun Velzquez, who was removed from his position after being arrested by the FGR for alleged money laundering.

He was the same Technical Director of Cruz Azul, Juan Reynoso, responsible for announcing the prompt reinstatement of Joaqun to the technical staff of the club, where he stated that they are only waiting for the confirmation of the legal part to be able to assume the position again.

“We are awaiting confirmation from his lawyers and the club so that everything is done naturally and in due course. Thank God you are with us. We wait with open hands because it is an important part of what we are as a technical team”, said Reynoso.

Velzquez was sent to the Altiplano Penitentiary on April 12, accused of money laundering and health crimes, however, five days later he was released by federal judge Ivn Zefern, who did not find sufficient evidence against the Veracruz man.

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