Cruz Azul News: Juan Reynoso: “We recognize that we are not at our best”

ONE despite having narrowly defeated Quetaro Roosters, the technician of the Cruz Azul Juan Reynoso machine was self-critical and accepted not being at a good level of play, although the victory that put them in direct positions in Liguilla stands out.

“We recognize that we are not at our best, but we made it clear that winning today we were in a straight Liguilla. The team competes. We will play on Sunday against a team that is on the rise, so we hope to improve.”

On the other hand, He’s accepted that he doesn’t like the Celestials’ criticism to be amplified.

“More than one would like to be in fourth place, but we didn’t do anything, this team has to play better and be higher. It seems unfair that the club is groped. I am very worried that in Cruz Azul everything will be scaled and for the worse. Cruz Azul is bigger than anything, players, coaches, etc. In football you have to be a gentleman when you win and when you lose”

Finally, make sure they are pledged to maintain fourth place in the table, playing the remaining two matches “as finals”.

“We have two games left that we will play as finals, two finals that we haven’t won and we have to get the wins to qualify directly,” I concluded.

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