Do we rule out Luis Fernando Suárez?

At the Colombia national team coach is looking for. It might be Luis Fernando Suarez? They questioned him and not care what he said.

He already has 2 World Cup qualifications and is heading for his third. He is the current coach of Costa Rica. The team that has the repechage phase. In the coming months, it will compete with New Zealand for that. And that is precisely what today distances him from a possibility in the Tricolor. At least in the short term, there is no possibility of his arrival in the national team.

What Luis Fernando Suarez said about the Colombian national team

participate in a + News Network InterviewThe DT spoke of his presence on the deck of candidates to replace Reinaldo Rueda, accepting that it is not something he is thinking about.

“Now I don’t even think about what I produce (a candidate to lead the Colombia national team). Honestly, I’m just thinking about what Costa Rica is. I’m thinking about my dream of being in my third World Cup, because I have relied on the bad and want to live the good. For now he couldn’t distract me, “he said.

Therefore, if at this moment someone proposes to him to be the coach of the Colombian National Team, he will probably find a refusal on his part at this moment. In the next 2 months just think about Costa Rica. And if he reaches the quota in the World Cup, for sure, by December he will be focused on that new international participation.

The other thing he said about the DT for the Colombia National Team is that his nationality is totally indifferent. “This is not nationality, but capacity. The important thing is to know how to choose someone who has the ability to direct the development and evolution of Colombian football; I think that for some time we have not been evolving from lower divisions to the main divisions and the results which are given at the international level seems to me that they are not the best in any situation. Even the one that stands out for the country’s women’s football … We have to look at what our football needs to evolve. I do not I’m saying he has regressed, but stagnated. “

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