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This Wednesday, the Attorney General of the Republic, Francisco Barbosa, said at a press conference that, as the EL TIEMPO Investigation Unit had revealed last weekend, The official report of the investigating entity maintains that Freddy Rincón was driving the truck in which he suffered the accident that ended up taking his life.

“The vehicle in which Freddy Rincón was transported was driven by him. This conclusion was supported by forensic experts, technical studies and corroborated by witnesses who were inside the vehicle and by cameras in the area”said Barbosa.

Minutes later, one of the videos was revealed that the entity would have taken into account to issue its concept. In the recording, Rincón, wearing a white T-shirt, is seen getting into the Ford truck, license plate UGR 410. So far, the exact time or location of the events portrayed in the footage is unknown.

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Corner in a car that crashed on Holy MondayCorner in a car that crashed on Holy Monday

The video shared by the Public Ministry.

A few hours after the disclosure of Barbosa’s statements, Manuel Rincón, Freddy’s brother, expressed his rejection of the official position.

If it was Freddy driving and someone else was the co-driver, the dead wouldn’t be Freddy. Of the two who got out of the car and took a taxi, one of them was driving,” he said.

“The prosecution should have investigated who these people were a long time ago, how are they not going to realize that if Freddy was the one who died and the others got away unharmed, how is he going to be driving? The prosecutor is lying, they are not investigating well and will get out of trouble“, he concluded in his dialogue with ‘Semana’.

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At the same time, one of the paramedics who would have attended the emergency after the serious traffic accident spoke in the early hours of Monday, April 11.. His revealing position would reject the Rincón family’s position and support that of the prosecutor.

What the paramedic says

Freddy Rincón: paramedic breaks the silence and contradicts the family

The truck was hit by the side of the passenger seat.


iStock, private archive

In dialogue with ‘Noticias RCN’, a man that the vehicle presents as one of the paramedics who attended Rincón, and whose face cannot be clearly seen, revealed details of what the accident scene looked like when he allegedly arrived.

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“At that moment, when we arrived, the door was already open, the driver’s door where he was and next to it was a girl… what else was there? only the ‘airbags’ on the sides were deployed”, said the man, right away.

According to what he said, the people who were in the vicinity of Calle Quinta and Carrera 34, where the Ford truck and MÍO’s bus collided, were the ones who informed him that Freddy Rincón was inside the vehicle.

“People were saying ‘take out Freddy Rincón, take out Freddy Rincón’, so there we proceeded to extract the vehicle from the driver’s side”commented.

“Rincón has had several complications: blunt chest trauma and head trauma”
added the paramedic.

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The media reporter in question says the man assured that the extraction from Rincón “took about 10 minutes”.

“Mainly the belt is damaged, because the belt was pressing badly or well with something, and the ‘airbags’ are damaged”told the paramedic how the former football player was rescued.

Freddy Rincón: the nightclub where he would have been before the accident

According to Harold Saa, Rincón would be at the ‘El Bronxs’ nightclub in the early hours of Monday, April 11.


Facebook: The Bronx, EL TIEMPO Archive

Regarding the people who were in the vehicle, the man said that there was a woman in the co-pilot’s place.who apparently was María Manuela Patiño, 20, whom Rincón would have met at the ‘El Bronxs’ nightclub, where she would be that night, according to her friend Harold Saa.

“The moment we get into the vehicle, the woman is unconscious, already seconds after extracting Freddy, she reacts (…) she opens her eyes, but remains silent, she still doesn’t get in as she enters”detailed the paramedic.

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The reporter for the report says that the subject assured that seven people helped to get a corner of the car. The subject also addressed rumors that he may have been moved.

“No, not really (he didn’t change his seat) because he was too big and heavy, and I don’t think back then and as soon as he was accommodating, I don’t think they put him like that”

In addition, the paramedic noted that “Not even in the car did you smell alcohol or see bottles at any time”.

“We were focused on extracting Mr. Freddy”exactly.

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Authorities are waiting for forensic experts from the Public Ministry to compare the autopsy performed on the former soccer player’s body with the accident reports. Meanwhile, the family continues to deny that Rincón was behind the wheel.

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