FS Vivocuenca launches its academy project to continue promoting futsal in Cuenca

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Futsal VivoCuenca launches its academy project for the 2022/23 season. It is a proposal by the Cuenca club with the aim of expanding its training to the initial levels to encourage the role of futsal in the city and in the province, creating a scale of development for the athlete that culminates in the senior men’s teams, competing in 3rd National Division, at this time, and female, in the First Autonomous Division of the FSF.

In this way, the group chaired by Luis Saiz has launched an information leaflet in which it hopes to reach athletes from Cuenca who wish to be part of the project. “The objective of this academy is the integral formation of its students, having futsal as a base and reference for the contribution of values ​​that its practice implies”. In this way, from the Azulona institution, they emphasize that the training programs will be “adapted to the ages of each of the students, from initiation to the youth category, prevailing the adaptation of futsal learning to the students”. Likewise, from the club they point out that a “close relationship between fathers, mothers and guardians through the teaching team is vital, as the integral formation of students must be the result of the commitment between the FS VivoCuenca academy and the families”.

The project includes the categories of initiation, pre-benjamín, benjamín, alevín, infantil, cadet, juvenile, which has already had the creation of a team in this 2021/22 season and a specific field for training goalkeepers.
To be part of the prescription, the club has made an online document available for download that can be presented at the entrance of the games or by replying with the data filled in to the address ‘fs.cuenca2019@gmail.com’. And is that this recipe attached an invitation to exchange to be able to see for free a meeting of the men’s or women’s team this season.

After consolidating its commitment to the football room since 2019, the team conquense hopes to continue taking steps towards the football room in the city, and despite the presence of teams of this sport in the base sport there is, the majority of players end up giving the jump to soccer due to the impossibility of being able to continue on the way of the soccer room, something that FS VivoCuenca wants to avoid to take advantage of the great talent that has the players of Cuenca, as shown with a team formed in its majority by players of Cuenca. the land.


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