“He has behaviors you don’t like”

Don’t come into play! Pedro Gallese is one of the immovable parts of the Peruvian National Team, even being the only footballer with all the minutes completed in the recent Qualifiers. In this sense, last Monday, the ‘1’ of Bicolor gave an interview to the renowned Spanish statistician, MisterChip.

Among his main signatures, the goalkeeper made a series of revelations, among which he pointed out which player he doesn’t get along with: the Brazilian, Neymar. “I get along with everyone” Gallese said first.

He added: “But sometimes because of the head that has a player that, it’s not that I fought with him, but he didn’t get much. You can already imagine a little, he’s from Brazil”.

Under that premise, MisterChip named the ’10’ of ‘Scratch’ as ​​the player the popular ‘Octopus’ referred to. On the other hand, the national goalkeeper focused on the main qualities of the PSG forward.

“He’s a great player, nobody denies it. Sometimes he behaves that the rival doesn’t like, but it’s part of the game and you respect that.” sentenced.

On the other hand, Pedro Gallese He also confessed that at a certain point in his role within the Peruvian National Team, he had a way of playing that Ricardo Gareca did not like.

“It was in a Peru-Mexico match at the National Stadium in 2015 or 2016. I make a hook, it works for me, then we go out and play. Then, the other day in a conversation with Gareca, where he shows us the good and the bad. bad guys, he showed me the move and told me ‘we have to play more seriously’, concluded.

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