Jokic Gala too little! Golden State Warriors Ahead of the Round Thanks to Splash Brothers

The Golden State Warriors are about to advance to the conference finals. The Dubs prevailed in the game against the Denver Nuggets with 118:113 and therefore only need one hit to advance. Even an MVP Nikola Jokic gala wasn’t enough for Denver.

Denver Nuggets (6) – Golden State Warriors (3) 113:118 (BOXSCORE), Series: 0-3

Jokic had 37 points (14/22 FG, 2/3 of three), 18 rebounds and 5 assists in 38 minutes, but that wasn’t enough as the Golden States Offense was once again unstoppable. The Dubs hit 55 percent of field and sank 45 percent of their three points (18/40). The guard trio of Stephen Curry (27, 9/17 FG, 3/9 3 points), Klay Thompson (26, 10/18 FG, 6/13 3 points) and Jordan Poole (27, 9/13 FG, 3 points) /5 triplets).

Draymond Green (6, 10 assists) worked with Jokic throughout the season, though not always successfully. In the end, however, the striker got the decisive steal against the Serbs. Gary Payton II (11, 4/4) and Otto Porter Jr. (6) also did well. Aaron Gordon (18, 12 rebounds) helped Denver, while guards around Monte Morris (10, 4/11) and Will Barton (13, 5/13) weakened again.

With the Nuggets’ spirit of desperation, it was obvious to Denver that this was a must-play game for the hosts. The Warriors countered with a lot of threes. Jokic was offensively aggressive and finally scored again from the center of town and yet the voice actors led for most of the first half.

Denver simply didn’t have the means in defense, in the second quarter the visitors hit 13 of their 17 shots, seven of them from distance. Curry, who came off the bench again, had 15 points, and Payton II (!) and Poole also had three triples each. The Nuggets were still well served at halftime with a 10-point deficit and blew up to catch up after the switch.

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