Liga 1 and SAFAP reject acts of violence in football

The professional football league (League 1) and the Football Players Association (SAFAP) sent a joint statement condemning all acts of violence linked to football following the University of Sportswhere a group of barristas invaded training and attacked the players.

The Professional Football League and the Football Players Association (SAFAP) reject any act that incites, implies or leads to violence, which must not take place in football or any other activity.“, indicates the letter.

We deeply regret the various manifestations of violence that have been occurring in the training of Betsson League 1 clubs, we believe that it is the task of all involved to prevent and eradicate this type of action.“, Added Liga 1 and SAFAP.

Later, they asked to ensure the safety of football players. “For this reason, the safety of players and club employees must be guaranteed for the normal development of their activities, as well as their optimal working conditions.“. Finally, they pointed out that “football has the ability to generate positive changes in society, due to its unifying, educational, educational and cultural character“.

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