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Millonarios took the Copa Colombia seriously, a tournament they managed to win in 2011, but in which they haven’t had good performances in recent years. Incidentally, he came from two consecutive eliminations against Alianza Petrolera, in 2020 and 2021. This year, the title seems to be one of the goals and, at least in his first appearance in the round of 16, he made his name sound.

The team led by Alberto Gamero thrashed Jaguares in El Campín, 3-0, in a game in which their entire offensive arsenal was revealed. The goals that were lacking in some league games came to him and in which several elements of the squad had 90 minutes to gain confidence.

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The dead ball bears fruit again for Millonarios

Gamero has made it clear that he wants revenge for what happened to him in the last two years in this tournament and sent almost the entire starting squad, when he came from Sunday’s rotation in the League against Pereira. And very early on, in the 13th minute, two of the fixed pieces of the initial list were the protagonists of the first blue goal: David Mackalister Silva, in a throw-in, and Andrés Llinás, the one who won with a header to leave with no options for goalkeeper Pablo Mina.

Before finishing the first stage, in which Millonarios dominated at will, didn’t let Jaguares scare him and managed to take even more advantage, the Blues scored the second goal, with the participation of full-back Ricardo Rosales and winger Carlos Andrés Gómez, before He appeared a genius of Daniel Ruiz, who made a beautiful dribble before shooting from outside the area, at ground level, in which the ball hit the post before entering Mina’s goal. 2-0 at 41 minutes.

Millonarios’ third goal was a vote of confidence for one of the candidates for the position that Millonarios has had the most problems this year, that of striker. Diego Herazo, who scored the most this year, received confidence to return to play and this time he responded with a 3-0 lead, in the 18th minute of the second half, when he headed in a great cross by Daniel Ruiz.

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At the end of the game, Gamero rested the payroll

After the third goal, Millonarios took the opportunity to update the payroll and rest several holders, thinking about the classic against Santa Fe, and dedicated himself to holding the ball and waiting for the time to run out. There are still 90 minutes to go in Montería, a place where he usually suffers. But this time Millos showed that he wants to take the Cup seriously.


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