NBA Basketball: Klay Thompson defeats the plague

There’s still the good news, and this one is certainly among the best of all: Klay Thompson is back in basketball, he’s back, and anyone who saw him play his Golden State Warriors in the NBA against Cleveland last night experienced one of those greats. sport moments. Midway through the second quarter, Thompson swung his opponent past him. With giant steps, mighty, energetic and then bang! A dip across Cleveland‘ shouted the American TV commentator into his microphone.

In the hall in San Francisco, fans collapsed in sheer ecstasy, because none of this had happened exactly 941 days ago. Thompson, 31, hadn’t played in two and a half years, an eternity for the three-time NBA champion, half basketball experience on sick leave. First a cruciate ligament tear in his left knee in the summer of 2019, then an Achilles tendon rupture during rehab in the fall of 2020 – the story of American basketball’s most famous patient seemed to reach the end of his career.

But Thompson, the man with the near-perfect shot, managed to beat the plague, returning with 17 points in just 20 minutes of play. “I was a little nervous at first, I had four or five shots I could have hit,” Thompson said after the Warriors’ 96:82, “this was an unforgettable night.” A lot of things fell into place, it was almost corny when Thompson got his spot back in the starting lineup.

Your trainer Steve Kerr brought the call Splash Brothers together again: Thompson and his partner Steph Curry (who scored 28 points), this marksman combo really can’t be stopped by any defender in the world. The first basket went straight to Thompson’s account—he wanted so badly to prove he still had what it takes. Himself, his teammates, the entire league. “He wasn’t exactly holding back, was he?” Kerr rhetorically asked the press panel after the game. “Our first play wasn’t really aimed at him.”

Thompson’s ordeal consisted mainly of maintaining his mind and body. He took a boat and spent a lot of time in San Francisco Bay. He, his dog, and the California sea—that’s how Thompson found peace when his faith was failing. He learned equanimity, embracing the drudgery of working away from his colleagues and alone, day in and day out. Regaining confidence in her legs, many of which were in casts.

The comeback feels like a championship for Thompson

He never doubted his brood, he recently revealed as his return approached. Thompson throws with more confidence than almost anyone else, in his career more than 40% of his three-pointers have always escaped the trap. Ordinary NBA pros almost get that share of the two-man sash. Thompson, on the other hand, still holds a record to this day: his 14 three-pointers in a game in 2018 are unparalleled.

And it looks like he hasn’t forgotten how to shoot during the injury break. “Even though things haven’t always gone well today (he got three out of eight three, ed.)I’m glad my name is back on the stat sheet,” Thompson said. “It’s been so long the comeback almost feels like a championship.” He can probably relate to the comparison again soon: With him back on the team, all the Warriors can do is outdo themselves en route to the NBA Finals.

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