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Dennis Schröder and Daniel Theis are now playing for other NBA clubs. On the last day of the changeover period in the North American professional basketball league, the two national players switched teams.

Braunschweig’s Schröder is now looking for a basket for the Houston Rockets – Theis’ (Salzgitter) former team. In turn, he moves to the Boston Celtics, who only signed Schröder at the start of the season and for whom Theis already played for the first three years of his NBA career. For point guard Schröder, who was negotiated with Houston along with Enes Freedom and Angolan Bruno Fernando, the transfer is a sporting relegation. The Rockets are currently last in the Western Conference and the Celtics are seventh in the East.

Fourth Schröder change in four years

For Schröder, who only moved to Boston from the Los Angeles Lakers last summer, Houston is the fourth stop in the world’s strongest basketball league in the past four years. His contract, which is worth “only” $5.9 million, expires at the end of the season, and he will likely have to move again in the summer.

In the NBA, players rarely have a say in these changes. The 28-year-old played for the Los Angeles Lakers before moving to Boston. He got there through a business deal with the Oklahoma City Thunder, for which he had already played two years. Last season, he turned down an offer from the Lakers for $84 million for four years. He was under contract with the Atlanta Hawks from 2013 to 2018.

Theis is no longer in demand with the Rockets

Daniel Theis has barely been used by the Rockets in recent weeks.

Theis, who previously played with Schröder in the Bundesliga for Braunschweig, signed a contract with the Rockets in August but has barely played in recent weeks. He was last on the floor on January 14th. The 29-year-old started his career in the US with the Celtics in 2017. He was then sent to the Chicago Bulls last season and moved from there to Houston for the summer. Both the Celtics and Rockets have so far fallen far short of their own expectations this season.

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