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Hammer Transfer in the NBA!

The two Germans Dennis Schröder (28) of the Boston Celtics and Daniel Theis (29) of the Houston Rockets switch teams. The message, which had been circulating since Thursday night, was made official by the teams overnight.


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Point guard Schröder is traded to 15th and last in the Western Conference table, while center Theis heads to Boston for seventh in the Eastern Conference table. And that’s on the last day of the trading deadline on Thursday!

According to basketball experts and journalist for “The Athletic”, Shams Charania, Schröder must be released immediately to be able to move to another club as a “free agent” (player without a contract).

Among other things, Schröder’s former club Los Angeles Lakers were reportedly interested in a comeback, but they turned him down in the summer offseason.

Reason: Before moving to the Boston Celtics, the German turned down an $84 million four-year extension. This really pissed off the bosses.

Schröder spoke on Instagram, wrote dryly: “Thanks to my teammates and the organization”.

Superstar Harden is also changing

The trade deadline had a few other blows to offer: Basketball superstar James Harden (32) and teammate Paul Millsap (37) moved from the Brooklyn Nets to the Philadelphia 76ers.

In exchange, the Nets received Ben Simmons (25), Seth Curry (31), Andre Drummond (28) and two first-round draft picks.

James Harden’s move in particular is a hammer in the NBA!

Just last year, the star traded the Houston Rockets for the Brooklyn Nets and had an excellent season averaging 24.9 points and 10.9 assists. His contract expired in the summer.

Harden, the 2012 Olympic champion with the US, recently played with superstar Kevin Durant (33) and Kyrie Irving (29) for the Nets. Durant extended his contract by four years in early August 2021, he is expected to earn the equivalent of €194.2 million.

Harden had repeatedly asked for a change in recent days because he didn’t feel valued on the team due to the abundance of stars. The 76ers should now improve.

James Harden was named NBA MVP in 2018 and set several basketball records. Among other things, Harden was the first player with 60 points to achieve the most in a triple double (double-digit number of points, double-digit number of assists, double-digit number of rebounds in a game).

The superstar was drafted by the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2009 before moving to Houston for nine years in 2012, where he became a legend.

Good for the 76ers: With Ben Simmons they get rid of an attacking pro. The former No. 1 pick has not played a match this season because she has repeatedly refused to train.

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