NBA: LeBron James Takes Down Portland Alone – ‘God Mode!’ – US-SPORT NBA BASKETBALL

37 years and still dissects the league!

The day after his 37th birthday, NBA superstar LeBron James showed the entire league that he is not getting worse in his new era.

He promptly dismantled the Portland Trail Blazers all by himself!


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Source: DAZN

His fabulous values: 43 points, 14 rebounds and four assists. And all this in just 29 minutes. No player in league history has done that.

43 points was up to his personal value for the season. In addition, James hit the mark of at least 30 points for the seventh time in a row.

The ace – normally at home at the end – even had to play as a pivot due to the numerous failures of Covid in the team.

And yet he dismantled the Blazers!

No wonder the fans have completely increased on Twitter.

“LeBron in god mode today,” wrote one user. Another claimed James as the league’s new MVP.


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