NBA madness! Assistant coach deters pass thwarts pass – US-SPORT NBA BASKETBALL

What was that?

Curious scenes from the Eastern Conference of the NBA! Brooklyn Nets assistant coach David Vanterpool (48) caused a sensation in the American basketball league on Wednesday. He intervened in the game without permission.

What happened?

In the Nets’ game (currently 3rd) against the Washington Wizards (8th), Brooklyn’s assistant Vanterpool blocked the opponent’s pass by touching the ball. He reached out and deflected a pass from Dinwiddie (Wizards) to Nets teammate Kuzma.

The wizards protested. But the referee trio didn’t realize the situation – just under five and a half minutes before the end – when the score was at 109:103 for the Nets, they let the game go on. Crazy!

Brooklyn star Kessler Edwards (21) took the ball after his coach intervened and started the counterattack.

“I’ve never experienced anything like this in my long basketball career,” Wizards assistant coach Joseph Blair (47) said after the game. “Nobody is perfect, but in a game like this it’s very difficult to accept.”

Spicy: The game ended in 119:118. Brooklyn failed to score on his next possession, but the Wizards were still tricked into a possible deal. So Gaga’s Vanterpool action was crucial to the game.


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