NBA News, Playoffs – Legend Charles Barkley Attacks Timberwolves: “Dumb Than Rocks”

After the Minnesota Timberwolves’ epic collapse in Game 3 of the playoff series against Memphis, NBA legend Charles Barkley attacked the Wolves. His criticism focused primarily on Wolves’ coaches and star player Karl-Anthony Towns.

“Something happened today that I’ve always believed in. I don’t believe there are any stupid kids – they just have bad parents. These Timberwolves are stupid because their trainers are stupid,” he said. TNTpundit after Minnesota suffered a 95-104 loss in Game 3.

Meanwhile, the Timberwolves were in the lead with 26 points, but the hosts suffered a 0:21 run and couldn’t find their offense in the final section (12:37). “These guys went 21-0 and didn’t ask for a timeout,” complained Barkley, who described the meltdown as “an embarrassment to basketball.”

“I said it at halftime, they have to be one of the dumbest teams. They have a lot of talent and are dumber than rocks,” Barkley continued. “I’m so frustrated. The only thing I can’t understand is the stupidity on the basketball court. You can lose a game, but you can’t play like this.”

Meanwhile, Karl-Anthony Towns reacted relatively calmly to the bitter defeat that put Memphis 2-1 in the series. “Go home, have some wine and continue tomorrow,” replied KAT when asked how things are going after the Wolves collapse. “We have to remember what brought us here. Our support system, our hard work and our unity. That’s what we have to lean on now.”

But KAT also took the fat off. “It’s the second time this week that you’ve had more fouls than points and rebounds in the playoffs. And your answer is, ‘Next question, I’m going for the wine.’ That’s total bullshit. You should be a franchise player, you have to play better,” Barkley fumed.

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