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The hot streak in the NBA has been going on since April 16: the 2022 playoffs are about the successor to the defending champions Milwaukee Bucks. Sky has all the information.

NBA Playoff Season! After 82 games, the regular season in the United States’ major league basketball ended and the way was paved for a hot finals stage. When will the 2022 NBA playoffs be? What clashes are happening in the first round? And who has the best chance of replacing the Milwaukee Bucks around superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo as the 2022 NBA champion?

When does the 2022 NBA playoffs start?

The 2022 NBA Playoffs kicked off on Saturday, April 16 at German time at 7pm. The Dallas Mavericks started with Germany’s Maxi Kleber and suffered a loss to the Utah Jazz in their home game.

The full playoff schedule has yet to be released by the NBA, but it is already clear that the new champion must be determined by Tuesday, June 19 at the latest. That day would be the deciding game in a final seven-game series.

NBA Playoffs 2022: In which mode will the final round take place?

If all of the remaining teams have qualified in the play-in tournament and the open playoff spots have been filled, the playoffs continue as per US tradition with the round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals (conference finals), and finally , in the end.

Individual rounds are played in ‘best of seven’ mode, so the decision is made in individual matches after a minimum of four and a maximum of seven games.

Western Conference: The Playoffs First Round Matches

In the west, some hot duels are already waiting in the first round of the playoffs. The Dallas Mavericks with German rep Maxi Kleber meet the Utah Jazz and thus superstar Donovan Mitchell and ‘2021 Defensive Player of the Year’ Rudy Gobert.

The Golden State Warriors, around three-time champion Steph Curry, on the other hand, have to deal with the Denver Nuggets and have MVP contender Nikola Jokic under control. The Minnesota Timberwolves’ victory in the play-in tournament means they are the Memphis Grizzlies’ first-round opponents around the returning Ja Morant. The first conference, the Phoenix Suns, on the other hand, meets the New Orleans Pelicans.

Western Conference Playoff Games

Phoenix Suns (1) Winners: LA Clippers – Pelicans/Spurs Winners
Dallas Mavericks (4) Utah Jazz (5)
Golden State Warriors (3) Denver Nuggets (6)
Memphis Grizzlies (2) Minnesota Timberwolves (7)

NBA Playoffs 2022: The Eastern Conference Games

Current MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo and his Milwaukee Bucks face the Chicago Bulls in the first round of the playoffs.© DPA

In the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs, the defending champions, the Milwaukee Bucks around MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo, face the Chicago Bulls, who, after a surprisingly strong season, can celebrate their first playoff appearance since 2017. It remains to be seen if the Bulls, weakened by the injury of point guard Lonzo Ball, will have a chance against the title favorite.

In the second match already set, the star-studded Philadelphia 76ers around scoring champions Joel Embid and James Harden take on the Toronto Raptors. Philadelphia need to do without quarterback Matisse Thybull, who, as an unvaccinated player, cannot play away from home in Toronto.

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Daniel Theis and the Boston Celtics successfully started the NBA playoffs thanks to a last-minute goal. (video length: 1:34 minutes)

Also qualified are the strong Boston Celtics in the east, who face off in the first round against the Brooklyn Nets around superstar Kevin Durant, who qualified in the play-in tournament. Regular season conference winners Miami Heat face play-in winner Atlanta with point guard Trae Young:

Eastern Conference Playoff Games

Miami Heat (1) Winner: Cleveland Cavaliers – Hawks/Hornets Winner
Philly 76ers (4) Toronto Raptors (5)
Milwaukee Bucks (3) Chicago Bulls (6)
Boston Celtics (2) Brooklyn Nets (7)

NBA 2022: Who is the favorite to go to the playoffs?

The 2022 NBA playoffs are more open than they have been in a long time: defending champion Milwaukee is a favorite for the championship, as are Eastern Conference winners Miami Heat and defending runners-up Phoenix Suns. The Memphis Grizzlies also managed to convince in the regular season and are considered a potential surprise contender for the NBA title.

Also, the Boston Celtics managed to improve enormously after a poor start to the season and at least play in the extensive field of favorites. The Philadelphia 76ers managed to improve their chances with the signing of megastar James Harden and can at least have small hopes for a surprise success.

The development of the Brooklyn Nets should also be exciting: Can Kevin Durant’s team still qualify for the Finals after a turbulent season in the play-in tournament? And what is the role of Kyrie Irving, who, as an avowed opponent of vaccination, can only play at home to New Yorkers?

Are the Germans in the 2022 NBA Playoffs?

Yes, four German basketball players can at least expect a championship ring in this year’s NBA playoffs. Boston Celtics center Daniel Theis probably has the best chances. Maximilian Kleber (Dallas Mavericks) and Isisah Hartenstein (Los Angeles Clippers) are expected to have minor roles in the title fight, as is Isaac Bonga, who almost never played with the Toronto Raptors in the regular season.

Where will the 2022 NBA Playoffs be broadcast?

In addition to the classic NBA League Pass, which basketball fans can use to watch every game live, the streaming platform is also available. DAZN in Germany the right to a large number of playoff games. Sky customers can book the streaming service directly via Sky Q and get top DAZN events directly from the Sky program on Sky Q. Just with a remote – no switching back and forth.

What about LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers?

NBA living legend LeBron James played a more than disappointing season with the LA Lakers champions. Despite the superstar lineup with James, Russell Westbrook, Anthony Davis and Carmelo Anthony, the team didn’t even make it to the play-in tournament and consequently sacked manager Frank Vogel. How the Lakers will continue past the flop season is still questionable.

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