NBA Playoffs – Jordan Poole explodes in the Golden State Warriors: The birth of the third Splash Brothers

Jordan Poole is on everyone’s lips with his playoff performances and makes the Golden State Warriors look more dangerous than they have in a long time. However, the shooting star’s burst of performance also has its downsides.

For all NBA players, the first game of the playoffs is something very special and associated with a lot of emotion. Stephen Curry can say a thing or two, scoring just 19 points at 7/20 on the field in his first-round debut against the Nuggets in 2013. That doesn’t seem to be the case for his protégé Jordan Poole, however.

The 22-year-old just scored 30 points in Game 1 against the Denver Nuggets at 9/13 field and 5/7 center, only to go to 29 points two days later, again with over 60% of field to leave. . And that’s in his first two appearances on the big stage of the playoffs.

That placed him third among the Warriors’ all-time best postseason debuts, and his 59 points in his first two playoff games were only surpassed by the legendary Wilt Chamberlain (63). But to top it off, he didn’t even surprise anyone in particular.

Jordan Poole: Hard work pays off

“We didn’t expect anything less from him,” his coach Steve Kerr said unimpressed after Game 1. “He’s not afraid of the big moments. He works every day to prepare for it.” This relentless effort to improve his game is what prompted Klay Thompson to take Poole under his wing since his rookie season.

“A lot of guys come to the NBA and they’re happy about it, but Jordan was in the gym from day one. After training, at night, after a bad game – he stuck with it,” praised his young teammate Thompson, that also Promotion to the G-League did not let him down in his rookie season.

“He went to the G-League and got better. He’s so hungry,” Thompson said. For Poole, therefore, he sees a promising future in the association: “He has always had talent. He has good ball handling, a good shot, but his work ethic will one day make him a star.”

In addition to his work ethic and talent, Poole’s mindset is also right. Playing alongside two of the best pitchers of all time and three-time champions, he took every opportunity to get whatever information he could on the ins and outs of the playoffs to be as prepared as possible for the big moment.

“He did everything to prepare for this moment. Once you overcome this mental obstacle, you will be able to play much more freely”, praised Curry, also his protege.

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