NBA: Portland star Jusuf Nurkic throws away fan’s cell phone! – US SPORTS NBA BASKETBALL

Someone must have been very angry…

NBA star Jusuf Nurkic (27) got into a fight with a fan after his Portland Trail Blazers lost by 98:129 to the Indiana Pacers – and threw away his cell phone!

The Bosnia and Herzegovina defender, who can only watch because of a foot injury, walked up to a fan with a Pacers shirt on his side, snatched his cell phone from his hand and threw it away! A brief exchange of words followed until a security guard separated the two and Nurkic left the field, cursing.


I need with all the balls
Strong basket without Lewandowski’s gaze

Source: Instagram @_rl9

It remains to be seen what made the basketball star so angry. However, this is not the first time players and fans have faced each other.

For having apparently behaved badly, spectators were even kicked out of the hall at the behest of stars such as Tristan Thompson (31), LeBron James (37) or Austin Rivers (29).


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