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Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James (37) – how long will this be good?

The NBA giant is said to be preparing something powerful. “The Athletic” reports that the situation is “tense” and that the atmosphere is “like in the early days of a war”.

What’s behind it?

According to “The Athletic”, there is a risk of a power struggle between James and general manager Rob Pelinka, who would have failed to fulfill his transfer wishes to the megastar.


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Source: AP

According to this, powerful player advisor Rich Paul, who looks after LeBron and is a close friend of his, would be pissed that Pelinka didn’t bring John Wall (31/Houston Rockets), who he also looks after, to the Lakers to Russell Westbrook (33).

Westbrook arrived ahead of the season, a deal LeBron James personally made to finally make the team a title contender again. But Westbrook has disappointed so far, so Wall must come.

The “Bleacher Report” even describes the sporting situation as a “disaster” because Westbrook hardly strengthened the Lakers.

Pelinka even publicly stated that his personnel decisions were closely coordinated with James and Anthony Davis (28), the Lakers’ second megastar. A lie, according to The Athletic!

So LeBron, as his advisor, must be upset that the roster, which is currently only 9th in the Western Conference (27 wins, 31 losses), hasn’t been strengthened. If the 17-time Los Angeles champions actually make the playoffs, a hammer opponent like the Phoenix Suns, Golden State Warriors or Memphis Grizzlies threatens.

The friction point was: Pelinka would be willing to trade Westbrook for Wall, but he didn’t want to sacrifice a valuable first-round pick in the 2027 draft.

Now there are even rumors that LeBron, who is still under contract until 2023, is likely to seek a move or switch to another club after this season. In this context, the name of his former club Cleveland Cavaliers falls.

Will the Lakers lose LeBron – or what’s next?

James had just confirmed that he still wants to play with his son Bronny in the NBA in his career – no matter where his son ends up in the draft! However, that would not be the case before 2024. Thus, LeBron would have to sign a one-year contract from 2023 to 2024 in order for him to go free.

The next few weeks look crucial for LeBron’s future. If there will be peace – or if there will really be separation!


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