News Barcelona Today: What is Xavineta and why do they call Barcelona that today?

ANDhe FC Barcelona He went through some very difficult weeks at the start of the current season. the project of Ronald Koeman simply did not put the Catalan team in the foreground, and the entity had to start working.

With almost zero chances to face LaLiga, in addition to having dragged his pride in the Champions League, The board decided to put someone with Catalan DNA on the bench, like Xavi Hernández. The arrival of the former midfielder was, without a doubt, the solution to his problems.

What is Xavineta?

The azulgrana team showed another face thanks to the work of Hernández. He managed to take advantage of elements such as Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Pedri, managed to revive Ousmane Dembele, and the results started to come in. This project carried out by Xavi is now known as ‘The Xavineta’.

Why do they call FC Barcelona that?

The level shown by the Blaugrana team, led by Xavi Hernández, surprised Barcelona fans around the world, that’s why the fans themselves claim “to be on board the Xavineta”, as a variation of the popular phrase “get on the boat”.

When did Xavi Hernández debut as Barça coach and how was it?

Xavi Hernandez He debuted as technical director of Barcelona on November 20, in the 14th round of LaLiga. on such date defeated Espanyol 1-0, in yet another edition of the Barcelona derby.

To date, he has conducted 31 meetings between local league, Copa del Rey, Supercopa, Champions League and Europa League, with balance of 17 wins, 8 draws and 6 losses. His last duel was held on April 21, reaping the victory against Royal Society.

What is the origin of calling a style of play in football like that?

The first record of renaming a style of play in this way could have been in Argentina, with the arrival of Lionel Scalloni to the technical direction of the Albiceleste team. His style led to the combination winning the Copa America in 2021; then fans began to identify this situation as ‘The Scallop’.

Scaloneta and Tucamión, other game ‘systems’, such as Xavineta

In recent years, coaches’ style of play has been applied with great precision and precision, that the football guild was in charge of defining each of them.

In Mexico, one of the best known and implemented by other trainers is the so-called ‘lavolpism’, system implemented by Argentina Ricardo Lavolpe.

Manuel Lapuente was also tasked with leaving his mark almost at the same time as his Argentine counterpart with the so-called ‘Lapuentism’.

Lately, the ‘systems’ of play that have been seen on the courts of Liga MX are the Tucamión (Ricardo Ferretti), Solarismo (Santiago Solari), Caonismo (Miguel Herrera) and, more recently, Tanoneta (Fernando Ortíz).

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