Philadelphia 76ers in the NBA before entering the second round of the playoffs

After a tour de force in Toronto, the Philadelphia 76ers are missing just one more win to advance to the second round of the NBA North American Basketball League play-off. The favorite saved himself against the Raptors in overtime without leading once in regulation time.

Just 0.9 seconds before the end of the five-minute overtime, Joel Embiid hit a three-pointer to go 104:101 for the 76ers to complete his third series win. Philadelphia can once again finish the “best of seven” series in Toronto on Saturday.

As of Wednesday, the 76ers were already 17 points behind in the second quarter. In the third quarter, Embiid led the visitors’ recovery with 18 of his 33 total points and finally secured a happy ending for Philadelphia.

Bucks Take Surprising Bankruptcy

Defending champion Milwaukee Bucks awarded the series tie against the Chicago Bulls. After the victory at the start, the home game was 110:114, the highlight was the Bulls professional DeMar DeRozan with 41 points.

The Boston Celtics defeated the Brooklyn Nets 114-107 to open a 2-0 lead in the series. The Celtics also had a 17-point deficit. Brooklyn stars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving battled the aggressive Boston defense, each hitting just four shots from the field. Durant was still the game’s most successful pitcher with 27 points. Muslim Irving briefly left the interior in the first bedroom and returned from the locker room with a banana and more food. Irving fasts during Ramadan, eating only after sunset and before sunrise.

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