Philadelphia, Golden State and Dallas win NBA playoffs

The Philadelphia 76ers (Eastern Conference) and Golden State Warriors (Western Conference) opened up a 2-0 lead in the first round of the National Basketball Association (NBA) playoffs on Monday.

The 76ers defeated the Toronto Raptors 112-97, while the Warriors defeated the Denver Nuggets 126-106. The Dallas Mavericks tied for the best of seven series against the Utah Jazz 110-104.

The Warriors had top pitchers Stephen Curry (34 points in 23 minutes) and Jordan Poole (29 points/8 assists). As in the first play-off match, Curry was substituted after missing 12 games with a foot injury. Poole, 22, had 59 points in his first two playoff games. The 76ers were led by Joel Embiid (31 points/11 assists) in a clear victory against the Canadians.

The Dallas Mavericks drew 1-1 in the series against Utah without their star Luka Doncic. 41 points from Jalen Brunson and 25 from Germany’s Maxi Kleber, who made eight of eleven three-pointers, helped the Mavericks to a difficult victory. Utah was seven points ahead with eight minutes left

Monday’s NBA Results – Round 1 Playoffs (Best of Seven):

Eastern Conference: Philadelphia 76ers-Toronto Raptors 112-97; The series was 2-0.

Western Conference: Golden State Warriors v Denver Nuggets 126-106; Score 2:0. Dallas Mavericks-Utah Jazz 110-104; Score 1:1.

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