Pumas News: Palermo Ortz shares the path that takes him one step closer to the tricolor

ANDThe resurgence of the Pumas puts them in the final of Concachampions and in the reclassification zone of the Liga MX, and in this good moment that the auriazules are going through, there is a name that has become a reference for the university defense, This is Arturo Ortiz, who, based on dedication and sacrifice, regained a place in the maximum circuit Furthermore, everything indicates that youI will have the opportunity to wear the green jersey of the national team in the next Tata Martino call-up.

In an interview with ESPN, Palermo shared some of his experiences within his journey in Mexican football, which includes being part of a two-time champion team like León, until he spent several years in the promotion division, where he had the opportunity to join Pumas: “I already had comfort, I had stability, I was studying and at my age, going to get something similar to what happened here was very difficult, because at my age you are already wanting to do something in your career and I came here to lower my salary. But I always had the illusion and the objective of having an opportunity in the First Division and the moment it was given to me, I knew it was not another. I had to seize the moment and I showed that I waited so many years for a reason, I quickly identified with the team, understood the essence, understood how to play with Pumas”, commented the university defender today.

With his good performances, he not only won a place as a regular starter in the defense of Pumas, if there are no surprises, Palermo Ortiz will be called up for the friendly against Guatemala on April 27, another dream come true for today’s university player: “It’s really a very important achievement for me, knowing that everything it cost me to get to the top division and knowing that in two tournaments or less I can be called up to the national team is a very important achievement both in my career and in my career .” the people, It is something that has been dreamed of since childhood. You dream of wearing the colors of your country, representing it and I am very happy. I also know that this wouldn’t have been possible with the team if it wasn’t all right.If we didn’t have the challenges we have, this opportunity would not have arisen.”

In this conversation, Palermo also highlighted the role that Andrs Lillini had in the good times that Pumas are going through and that allows them to fight for this title and in the championship they will be one of the teams that are closing strong.. A semi-final sending-off against Cruz Azul will leave him in the stands for the Concachampions final first leg against the Seattle Sounders, but Palermo hopes to be ready for the return game and collaborate and continue to add success to the best moment of his career. breed.

* Photo: IMAGO 7

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