Rocket League says goodbye to football and goes to battle royale in its new game mode

Rocket League says goodbye to football and goes to battle royale in its new game mode

Knockout will be available for a limited time, inviting players to fight to be the last one standing.

If a few weeks ago Fortnite surprised us by leaving behind the construction of a game mode, now it is another title from Epic Games that gives up one of its most identifying elements for a temporary event. This is Rocket League, which offers us to start spring with a clean blow with Knockoutan MTL where eight players fight each other without the ball in the middle.

“Throughout Wheelball’s history, success has always been based on cooperation and teamwork. But now you can set aside all your alliances for Knockout, the new free-for-all LTM. This game mode is part of a new game event called Knockout Bash, which will be available from April 27 to May 10we can read in a statement, accompanied by a trailer.

Pysonix guarantees a destructive showdown where eight players unceremoniously blast their way through new arenas and only the strongest survive. “Get your rivals out of the safe zone or throw them into danger. The last player standing wins!He adds, describing a battle-royale experience: “Most of your skills as a Wheelball master will still serve you well, but you’ll need to master the new attacking, blocking, and grappling mechanics to emerge victorious.”

This limited-time game mode has a lot more substance and detail to learn about and we recommend that you read the event notes on the Rocket League portal. In addition, Knockout Bash will allow unlock relaxing spring rewards and golden gift baskets by completing in-game challenges.

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