Roja Directa: The arrest and payment of a millionaire fine was the dark end of the owner of the website that illegally broadcast live football matches | International | News

The Spanish Michael TGowner of an online page that illegally broadcasts live matches from different sports was accused and prosecuted for having created several websites where do I put the live signal of the matches of football gives spanish league between 2013 and 2018.

The website known as straight redwas the popular option most used by fans of Internet who wanted to watch exclusive sporting events in a simple way, although in the end it turned out to be illegal.

The website and process of the owner of “Roja Directa”

On the site, users from all over the world could connect to the different channels that the site had, and thus be able to watch their favorite games at the time of their live broadcast.

Your private logo based on a caricature of the famous soccer referee Pierluigi Collina taking a red card, it was known to the vast majority of people on the internet, but now the man who owned it will face a red card in court.

According to the MDZ portal, Miguel TG was convicted of Justice Spanish, who will spend 2 years in prison and will have to pay a fine of 500 thousand euros to the Professional Football League and mediaprothe company that owns the television rights to these games that were broadcast illegally by Roja Directa.

Although the broadcasts on this site were free, the defendant made a fortune in announcement for 5 years. And he wasn’t just sued by this site.

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Other illegal sites I had

The man in question also had other websites where it could be downloaded. music, films, Series, books, daily s video game and the ads on all these portals fed back and the profits made multiplied.

Therefore, in addition to paying the fine to the spanish league and to the company Mediapro, it must also do so to the film associations and video game companies from which it illegally profited.

On the other hand, the man is banned from any activity on the web for two years. Thanks to the fact that he pleaded guilty, the court decided to reduce his original sentence, which was 5 years, in addition to dropping the charges that had been brought against his mother. (I)

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