Sergio ‘Checho’ Ibarra: “I came to Peru for two years and stayed forever”

Sergio ‘Checho’ Ibarra, former soccer player, coach and current announcer, spoke with ‘Tanke Como Cancha’ from the YouTube channel of RPP Noticias about his beginnings in Peruvian football, from arriving from Argentina in 1992 to winning the Recopa Sudamericana with Cienciano and spending his entire life in Peru.

“I came to seek my career here. I debuted at 16 in an amateur team. I arrived for the Copa Peru here, I managed to come later to Ciclista Lima in the second division. My idea was to fully immerse myself in being a football player and making a career , It didn’t cross my mind to get married or find love here“, said ‘Checho’ in dialogue with ‘Tanke’ Arias.

He added that at first his plan was not to settle in Peru: “To be honest, the contract was for two years at Ciclista Lima and my idea was that later he would return to Argentina because he had a test at Newell’s Old Boys. buy the Cyclist, I thought I would come back with more experience and do tests in my country at 18 or 19 so that I could go well, but it happened that I was in the Cyclist and in 1993, when foreigners were not allowed in the second division, I left to try Sullana and I stayed”.

‘Checho’ Ibarra fell in love

Finally, “Checho” revealed what made him stay: “The time I stayed in Sullana, I started training and after a month of training I met Rocío, my wife. She was the host, I saw her a few times, no. It worked out at first, but I met his mother who is like my Peruvian mother and was important in my life. At that time at Alianza Atlético I didn’t get paid much and I went through a lot of difficulties. Then time passed and I started my family”.

About his new facet as a driver, Ibarra added: “When I finished my career I wanted to know what was to come. The easiest thing to decide is to take the coaching course and direct, it is believed that being a football player will be easy. You have to study, train and reach out to the players. I had the opportunity to be a coach, but when it came to television, it was very difficult for me. I didn’t want to, because I didn’t feel qualified, but my wife told me she saw me on television. because of how I am. He told me I would do well because I have charisma and I know how to communicate. So I tried.”

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