Spanish judge overturns protections for Superliga clubs

A Spanish court overturned measures that protected clubs that wanted to create a European football Super League from sanctions by UEFA and FIFA.

In court documents seen by the Associated Press on Thursday, a Madrid court says it is voiding legal protection because even a sanction would not stop them from proceeding with a plan to create a competition beyond UEFA’s control.

Of the 12 clubs that originally wanted to create the Superliga, only Real Madrid and Barcelona of Spain and Juventus of Italy still openly support its creation.

Judge Sofia Gil’s decision says that “there is no evidence that the threat and imposition of sanctions on the three remaining clubs imply the necessary impossibility of carrying out the project”.

Gil rejected the argument that sanctions from football’s governing bodies would prevent the Superliga from being funded.

The decision is subject to appeal.

In April last year, another Spanish judge ordered FIFA and UEFA to refrain from taking any action or issuing a statement that, directly or indirectly, prevents or hinders the preparation of the European Super League.

The decision was in response to threats that Superliga teams would be banned from the Champions League.

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