The 3×3 football festival returns to Azpeitia today

azpeitia – Seven years after its last edition was held in Azpeitia, the 3×3 football party organized by the Azpeitia Cup club returns today to the city of Urola. And it will do so with an important participation; as more than 500 girls and boys from the valley signed up to participate in an event that will take place over three consecutive days.

Bad weather forced a last-minute change of venue, so the Azpeitia 3×3 football festival will not take place in the city’s main square, but in Frontoi Txiki, where the organization will install two small artificial turf football fields. great participation (115 teams registered) football matches will be played both in the morning and in the afternoon.

In any case, the organizers of the event insist that “it is not a competition, but a football party”. Consequently, “there will be neither winners nor losers.”

In any case, more than 500 girls and boys from Azpeitia and neighboring cities will participate in the 3×3 football party, aimed at students “from the fourth year of Kindergarten to the sixth year of Elementary School”.

The organizers of the event invite all citizens to watch the games and cheer for the participants because, “after all, it is a sporting spectacle to be enjoyed in a festive atmosphere”.

In order to encourage the participation of boys and girls from Azkoitia, teams from that city will not play games this Saturday; so that they can also participate in the children’s drumming in their city.

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