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Atlético Nacional defeated Once Caldas 3-0, this Wednesday, in the first leg of the round of 16 of the BetPlay Dimayor 2022 Cup.

With goals from Daniel Mantilla, Danovis Banguero and Giovanni Moreno, the green team opened up a wide lead over Atanasio Girardot.

Relive the game on April 20th.

Atlético Nacional 3-0 Once Caldas

The game ends with a victory for the Antioquia team.

90+2′- Palo from Once Caldas! Ayron del Valle tried, but couldn’t take it out. National was saved.

79′- It’s not eleven anymore… Caldas is left with ten due to the expulsion of Dannovi Quiñones.

72′- Change at Nacional: Sebastián Gómez leaves and Alexander Mejía enters, who put on the captain’s tape.

68′- Diego Valdés has a reservation in Once Caldas.

66′- Three changes in Nacional: Jhon Duque by Dorlan Pabón; Alvaro Angulo by Giovanni Moreno; and Jarlan Barrera de Andrés Andrade.

63′- Mender García receives a yellow card for a strong tackle on Dorlan Pabón. The player Once Caldas is cautioned.

Atlético Nacional 3-0 Once Caldas

46′- National goal! Gio Moreno found his goal and got up early in the second half.

The first half ends at Atanasio, with Nacional winning 2-0 over Once Caldas.

43′- As soon as Caldas experience the discount. He came from the right, but the low center was deflected by the defense of the purslane. Then he insisted again, but Banguero’s shot went wide.

35′- Gio Moreno again, this time with a half volley in the area, which went over.

31′- Giovanni Moreno shot outside the box. The fans were excited, as the ball passed close to Eleven’s goal.

29′- Since Caldas cannot with the momentum of Nacional. Rain causes spectacular sweeps on Atanasio.

twenty-one’- Once Caldas claims Felipe Banguero for Giovanni Moreno’s pull. Would it be yellow? The referee let it go.

19′- National Control, despite Once Caldas trying to react. From the bench, coach Diego Corredor asks for concentration, goals and pressure.

fifteen’- Sebastião Gomez get the first yellow card of the party. The Nacional midfielder was reprimanded.

Atlético Nacional 2-0 Eleven Caldas

11′- National goal! Danovis Banguero finished with the left foot that left Once Caldas without a chance. Nacional attacked to extend the advantage and found the prize.

Atlético Nacional 1-0 Eleven Caldas

5′- National goal! Serious error in the defense of Once Caldas and Daniel Mantilla took advantage of it, who advanced and gave a strong kick to 1-0.

3′- It rains heavily in Medellín, so the field is fast and there is still no dominator in the Cup match.

Start the match!

The teams jump onto Atanasio Girardot’s turf!

Atlético Nacional and Once Caldas play this Wednesday in the first leg of the Copa BetPlay 2022. The match is played at the Atanasio Girardot stadium, and the green hopes to take advantage at home, knowing that things will not be easy in Manizales.

Here are the lineups for Atlético Nacional and Once Caldas:

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