Trae Young swears at referee after Game 2 loss to Miami Heat

Hawks star Trae Young criticized the referees following his 105-115 Game 2 loss to the Miami Heat.

“If the referees keep going this long, it’s going to be hard for us to get anything,” Young said after the game, in which he scored 25 points (10/20 FG, 2/10 trebles, 7 assists) but did so only awarded four free throws.

As a team, Atlanta reached the line just 14 times (11 goals), well below the regular season average (22.3). The Heat, on the other hand, caught 29 free throws, 25 of which were sunk. In terms of pure fouls, however, the number of fouls by both sides was fairly even (26 Atlanta, 24 Miami), and in Game 1 the Hawks were also much more frequent in the charity range (27-18).

“It’s tough,” Young said, but turned his focus to Game 3, which takes place in Georgia Saturday night at 1 am. “Of course we have the feeling that we didn’t take the opportunity, but we shouldn’t regret it for a long time. The next game is in a few days.”

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