Tuchel: “We didn’t learn from Real Madrid”

Thomas Tuchel spoke at a press conference after the Chelsea dropped to Arsenal 2-4. Arteta’s team invaded the blues’ fort, which made serious mistakes in defense. This is what the German coach spoke about, recognizing the following: “We thought we had learned the lesson from the games against Brentford and Real Madrid, but obviously not”.

loss assessment: “Totally wild and open game in the first half. It was already 2-2 at half-time. It’s impossible to give the first goal in consecutive games, but we do it. It’s the level of mistakes, the number of mistakes, it’s impossible at this level. doing it now and we can’t win football games like this.”

Rüdiger and his absence: “It’s not about individualities. We need to get the tactics right, it’s doubtful if I got it right, and you need the right team selection. It’s doubtful that I got it right. It’s impossible to win games if you make mistakes like this. I’ve seen it in several consecutive games.

Christensen’s change in the 45′: “He said he couldn’t go on. He had some problems. It’s a very, very difficult course (Stamford Bridge). It’s not in our favor. The ball bounces awkwardly.”

Analyze: “There’s nothing to analyze. We think we’ve learned our lessons from Brentford and Real Madrid, but that’s obviously not the case.”

Azpilicueta’s clash with fans: “I saw it. Honestly, I can understand the fan.”

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