Universitario de Deportes announced that it will build a High Performance Center for its smaller divisions

This Wednesday, University of Sports announced on its website a project for smaller divisions to have better infrastructure. It is a High Performance Center at VIDU, a place in Campo Mar where the ‘U’ young people train.

According to the note published by Clube da Nata, construction is expected to begin on Monday, May 16, which will be divided into two stages. The first one, valued at approximately 350 thousand reais, comprises a gym, changing rooms, video analysis room, topic, rehabilitation room, sports offices, an indoor square and restrooms for the public.

The second stage, which does not yet have a defined date, will consist of the construction of several rooms, a cafeteria, an industrial kitchen and complete bathrooms. This construction will serve not only for the men’s minor divisions, but also for the women’s teams of University of Sports.

Likewise, the institution invited companies that wish to participate in the project to build the High Performance Center in VIDU, in Panamericana Sur.

First team youth

Jorge Aruajo, interim coach of Universitario de Deportes, spoke with Fútbol Como Cancha of RPP Noticias and told, among other things, who are the youngsters he had as minors and now train in the main team.

Firstly, he mentioned three footballers who, since the beginning of the season, and at the request of the previous coaching staff, have been working with the squad: Holsen vats (right side), Jorge Tandazo (extreme) and Francisco Lopez (far left). Of these, only Tandazo debuted in the First Division, although on some dates he is sidelined due to injury.

The news, however, was in the fourth player who mentioned: Jorge Agueromixed midfielder in the 2001 category, who, as of this week, has been working with the first team of University of Sports. Agüero, as we know, was, in the minors and reserves, Piero Quipe’s partner in midfield and, among his main characteristics, are recovery, good prospects and turnaround.

As for the Minute Pool, Guillermo Larios is the only player in the 2021 squad to contribute. On the other hand, RPP News He learned that, in the minors, there is a football player who, in the medium term, can contribute and also add to the stock market: Josué Orué, an attacking midfielder who was hired by the club this year, after being trained in Cantolao.

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