University of Sports: Jorge Agüero and the youngsters who train in the first team with Jorge Araujo

After Álvaro Gutiérrez left the University of Sportsthe position of coach was occupied, on an interim basis, by Jorge Araujo, coordinator of the minor divisions.

‘Coco’, as the former player ‘U’ is also known, spoke with Fútbol Como Cancha of RPP Noticias and told, among other things, who are the youngsters he had in the minors and now trains in the main team.

First of all, he mentioned three footballers who, since the beginning of the season, and at the request of the previous coaching staff, have been working with the squad: Holsen vats (right side), Jorge Tandazo (extreme) and Francisco Lopez (far left). Of these, only Tandazo made his debut in the First Division, although on some dates he was sidelined due to injury.

The news, however, was in the fourth player who mentioned: Jorge Agueromixed midfielder in the 2001 category, who, as of this week, has been working with the first team of University of Sports. Agüero, as we know, was, in the minors and reserves, Piero Quipe’s partner in midfield and, among his main characteristics, are recovery, good prospects and turnaround.

As for the Minute Pool, Guillermo Larios is the only player in the 2021 squad to contribute. On the other hand, RPP News He learned that, in the minors, there is a football player who, in the medium term, can contribute and also add to the stock market: Josué Orué, an attacking midfielder who was hired by the club this year, after being trained in Cantolao.

Word from ‘Coco’ Araujo

“I felt welcomed. The boys have been working very well and it was a good start for me. Looking ahead this weekend we will try to do what we can for the three points”, said the former defender in an interview with o Soccer Like a RPP News Field.

After losing in the derby, Universitario was left with 16 points, five units behind the leaders of the dispute. Thus, Jorge Araujo highlighted that they will continue fighting to obtain the Apertura.

“We’re still thinking about getting the Apertura. We’re five points away and it’s not to be far away. We don’t give up, on the contrary. have peace of mind,” he said.

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